What is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing Infographic

What is cloud computing? most people still have no idea what the cloud actually is, In our new cloud computing infographic we describe the cloud computing to make it easy to understand. Learn more about the cloud computing in our infographic.
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Great storage! So much more than a NAS. It’s the bomb. Synology DiskStation DS3018xs arrived now to Krome stock

Synology DiskStation DS3018xs is a brand new 6-bay NAS designed for work-intensive businesses, that comes with a PCIe slot and can be installed with a 10GbE network interface card or a dual M.2 SSD adapter card. SSD cache support enhances network speeds and boosts performance, allowing DS3018xs to meet data-intensive requirements.

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Configure and Implement Data Backup and off site Replication System for PDTRA

Petra Development and tourism Region Authority is requesting quotes to maintain data in two different locations backup mutually all data files in these locations. So we design a very useful solution that achieves the requirement of PDTRA.

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