IP telephony

(Internet Protocol telephony) is a general term for the technologies that use the Internet Protocol’s packet-switched connections to travel voice, fax and other forms of telecommunication as packets of data on shared lines. it works towards offering cheap or  free calls and to add more features to voice communications that will increase productivity specially in business environments.

Solution Partners


3CX is a software-based, open standard, IP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications features, out of the box. As an affordable software-based solution 3CX makes installation, management and maintenance ever so easy while at the same time offering your business a number of benefits.


Snom Technology is a company which manufactures Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones, based on the IETF standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Snom delivers the best audio performance in the world. All of snom’s software exists in the firmware of its phones, and VoIP telephones support all common standards. Also it compatible with SIP-based telephone systems and system components, including IP-PBX systems offered by companies and a very secure system too.


At Yeastar, we strongly believe that small and mid-sized business communication needs to be simpler, more reliable, and more cost-effective. Our VoIP PBX & Gateway solution empowers you and your business to improve efficiency and reduce communication cost with new levels of quality and experience.

Asterisk is an open source framework for building communications applications. It powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and other custom solutions. Also it can become the basis for a complete business phone system, or used to enhance or extend an existing system, or to bridge a gap between systems. Asterisk is flexible, lets you define the solution that truly fits your requirements and It is stable, reliable and in production on thousands of systems worldwide. It is free to use.