Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response

Your EDR software needs to automate analyzing massive amounts of data to identify suspicious activity, plus intuitively guide security professional through the threat hunting process to make decisions fast.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response automates endpoint protection together with cloud-based detection and response. Through a single, intuitive console monitor suspicious activity, isolate threats, and if needed rollback ransomware for up to 72 hours – keeping your endpoints and organization productive.

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Innovative active threat response keeps endpoints productive

Attack Isolation

If an endpoint is attacked, now it’s easy to halt malware from spreading. Only Malwarebytes Detection and Response maximizes IT flexibility and minimizes end user inconveniences, drawing from three modes of device isolation:

Network isolation limits device communications, so attackers are locked out and malware can’t “phone home.” Process isolation restricts which operations can run, halting malware while still allowing end users to work away.Desktop isolation alerts the end user of the threat, temporarily blocks their access, yet keeps the device online for analysis.With multiple modes of attack isolation, both security teams and end-users maximize their productivity even during attacks

Automated Remediation

Only Malwarebytes meticulously finds and reverses all major and subtle changes made by malware, returning your endpoint to its healthy, pre-attack state.

While traditional approaches focus on removing only the active executable, they ignore residual change that leads to re-infection or pesky PUPs and PUMs. You’re then left to reimage the device, or hope for the best.Quite the opposite, the proprietary Malwarebytes Linking Engine tracks every artifact, change, and process alteration (including memory executables others miss). A true “one and done” solution, it then maps out the correct path to remove all malware permanently, including PUPs and PUMs. 

Ransomware Rollback

Don’t pay ransom, ever. With one click, Malwarebytes incident responders reverse all damage by rolling back affected devices and files to a pre-attack state.

It’s possible because we make use of local cache on each endpoint, storing all relevant changes to the device for up to 72 hours. If you’re infected, Malwarebytes simply backs out device changes and restores files that were encrypted, deleted, or modified. And data storage space isn’t an issue, as our proprietary dynamic exclusion technology learns “good” behavior of applications and minimizes storage utilized.The result is peace of mind knowing that ransomware won’t damage your bottom line, reputation, customer experience, or team productivity.


Precision detection at the point of attack


The right type of machine learning

Instead of training on malware, the Malwarebytes model is trained to recognize goodware—properlysigned code from known vendors. The result is a predictive malware verdict that becomes increasingly faster to determine and incrementally more precise.

Fastest threat intelligence on the market

Benefit from Malwarebytes detection and remediation intelligence collected from millions of corporate and consumer-protected endpoints. Even brand-new, unidentified malware is typically eliminated before it can impact your endpoints.

Unified detection funnel catches more threats

Malwarebytes applies behavioral monitoring and machine learning to profile threats across web, memory, application, and files. Successive learnings along the detection funnel provide increasingly higher detection rates with increasingly lower false positives.

Traces the infection, maps the removal

The Malwarebytes Linking Engine traces every installation, modification, and process instantiation—including in-memory executables that other antimalware packages miss—mapping a complete picture of the threat that enables full remediation.

Lethal “one-and-done” remediation

Applying in-depth insights from the Linking Engine, Malwarebytes thoroughly and permanently removes both the infection and any artifacts, delivering lethal “one-and-done” remediation.


Scales to combat growing threats


Complete endpoint security solution driven by a single pane of glass

 A full suite of endpoint security functionality and automation capabilities driven from the Malwarebytes Nebula cloud platform and accessed from an intuitive UI make fighting malware a matter of clicks, not scripts. 

Prioritizes security team productivity 

Your security team can traverse from the global dashboard down to identified threats and quarantined devices in just a few clicks. Scanning and remediation is automated across a single department or thousands of devices at a time.

Analyzes the impact so you don’t have to 

Malwarebytes provides extensive threat analysis background along with assessment of its potential impact. Your CISO can save time and effectively communicate potential impacts to executive leadership. 

Scalable to the largest enterprise

Our solution applies the power of the cloud to scale to even the largest organization’s needs, efficiently detecting advanced threats, and providing a globally consistent and speedy response.