Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)


Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Backup is not a luxury but a requirement. Whether it is your internal documents, or customer-facing marketing information, or fast-changing transactional data – it needs to be protected. Losing data is a disaster by itself, and can cause even more disastrous consequences if it is not restored in reasonable time .In addition, full working environment needs restoring too; in other words, disaster recovery. It is having the tested wherewithal to get systems restored and running as quickly as possible, including the associated data.

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Important files — like your critical work documents or personal photos — deserve a great backup strategy to protect against unexpected hardware failure, natural disasters, or simple accidental deletion with customizable and expandable storage space, Synology NAS is a perfect choice for backing up any device, whether it’s a Windows computer, Mac, or other devices. Synology offers many types of backup and DR like Snapshot Replication, Synology Hyper Backup and Cloud Backup.

MS Azure
Azure Backup is a simple and cost-effective backup-as-a-service solution that extends tried-and-trusted tools on-premises with rich and powerful tools in the cloud. It delivers protection for customers’ data no matter where it resides: in the enterprise data center, in remote and branch offices, or in the public cloud.
MS Azure offer disaster recovery option in the cloud, for more information about it, please watch the video

Acronis backup provide reliable protect your entire physical virtual or hybrid infrastructure and applications using a single unified console to manage data protection across any environment, in any location.

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service is a hybrid cloud, comprehensive and IT continuity solution to protect your environment, and the main advantage, you can recover everything you want in 15 minutes just. It designed for mid-size organizations and enterprises worldwide. It provides an all-in-one solution for disaster recovery, backup and data storage.

Veeam Backup & Replication™ is a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable backup and Availability solution. It provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data, bringing VM (virtual machine) backup and replication together in a single software solution. Veeam Backup & Replication delivers award-winning support.

The most innovative backup and disaster recovery solutions of the last years are all related to the virtual sphere, Nakivo is certainly one of the most powerful solution in this sector. It provides an extensive feature set that enables you to increase data protection performance, improve reliability and save time and money. Most importantly, you can decrease recovery time with instant recovery of VMs, files, Exchange objects, Active Directory objects, and DR with VM replicas it transfer only changes to the backup repository that is Reduce backup size and keep the system more effective.

Nakivo can also install on Synology thus creating an all-in-one, high-performance VM backup appliance that combines backup software, hardware, storage, and data deduplication in a single cost-effective device.